Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Hingham: A Guide by Darleen Lannon

St. Patrick’s Day in Hingham is not just a celebration; it's an embodiment of community spirit, tradition, and the joy of togetherness. Hingham's rich tapestry of history and its closely-knit community atmosphere make it the perfect backdrop for celebrating Irish culture. As your expert guide to everything Hingham, Darleen Lannon has curated the top spots and events for a memorable St. Patrick's Day celebration. 

The Range: A Dance of Irish Tradition
 Saturday, March 16th & Sunday, March 17th
 Experience the enchanting art of Irish Step Dancing, paired with a hearty boiled dinner, beef stew, and a selection of Irish drink specials. Extend the celebration to Sunday, March 17th, for a full weekend of Irish cultural immersion.  Dancers from Clann Lir Academy will be performing on Sunday at 1:30.

The Snug: A Symphony of Irish Tunes
Saturday, March 16th at 9:30 PM & All-day Sunday, March 17th  
The Snug offers an evening with Chuck Whelan on Saturday, followed by a day filled with live traditional Irish music on Sunday. Complement the melodies with a corned beef and cabbage boiled dinner for a truly traditional experience.

Stars on Hingham Harbor: A Culinary and Musical Celebration
 Sunday, March 17th, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM  
 Join us at Stars on Hingham Harbor for live music, a special boiled dinner, Guinness on draft, and Irish breakfast specials. A perfect combination of delicious food, lively tunes, and scenic views awaits.

 Alma Nove: Elegance and Tradition
Sunday, March 17th, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM  
Alma Nove presents an elegant St. Patrick's Day with live music and a traditional corned beef boiled dinner. Ideal for those seeking a more refined celebration.

 Hingham Community Center: A Family Affair
 Sunday, March 17th, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM  
Tailored for families, the Hingham Community Center is hosting a celebration featuring Fairy house building, Irish Step Dancing, Face Painting, live traditional Irish music, and themed arts & crafts. An enjoyable and affordable day for families at $8 per person.

The Beth: St. Patrick’s Week Extravaganza

March 14th - 17th  

Beginning on  Thursday March, 14, The Beth will be featuring a special menu until Sunday, March,17!  Plus, enjoy live Irish Step Dancing performances two days in a row! Irish Step Dancers will begin at 2:00PM on Saturday and 12:30 on Sunday!  

Sons of Italy: St. Patrick's Day Bash

When: Saturday, March 16th, 7:00PM
What: The Sons of Italy invites you to a grand St. Patrick's Day Bash, a night filled with festive music, dance, and authentic Irish cuisine. This event promises to be a highlight, offering a unique blend of Italian hospitality and Irish jubilation. Don’t miss out on this cross-cultural celebration, perfect for those looking to enjoy a spirited, convivial evening.

Hingham's St. Patrick's Day celebrations are a testament to the community's vibrant culture and the joy of coming together in festivity. From traditional dances and culinary delights to engaging tales and spirited tunes, there's something for everyone. Darleen Lannon Real Estate is proud to support and promote these community events, highlighting the wonderful opportunities to engage with and enjoy our beautiful town.

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Let's make this St. Patrick’s Day in Hingham a celebration to remember, embracing the traditions and community spirit that make our town unique.

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