6 home selling rules that you have probably heard lately and I'm telling you, you should break them and not do them!

Number 1:  "Set your house at a make-me-move price." - Given the shifting marketplace, you don't want to do that because you don't want your house to sit on the market. So make the list price competitive.

Number 2:  "Don't worry about making new repairs to the house, you can just put it right on the market". - That's not true anymore, you want to make sure that the house shows in the best possible light and little things are taken care of and repaired.

Number 3: "Buyers are desperate they'll buy anything right now, you dont need to make any considerations." - That's not true. Buyers are doing home inspections again and maybe ask to re-negotiate your financial standpoint with repairs or maybe ask to pay for some closing costs.

Number 4: "The house is gonna sell in a matter of hours or a matter of days" - Sometimes, that's true. But often we're seeing right now the homes are on the market a little bit longer and you don't need to over-react and get concerned. It's just taking a little bit longer to sell homes given the shift in the marketplace.

Number 5:  "No staging is required" - That's not true. You absolutely wanna stage your home and declutter it so it looks as beautiful as possible.

And number 6: "Timing doesn't matter, I can put my house on any day of the week and it will sell!" - We want to be cognizant of the day that you're putting the house on the market. And as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, we want to make sure that you don't interfere with those holidays. You might want to wait until January or after the holidays.

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