Savor the Season: Ordering Thanksgiving Dinner on the South Shore, MA

Savor the Season: Ordering Thanksgiving Dinner on the South Shore, MA

As Thanksgiving approaches, the joy of gathering with loved ones often comes with a side of stress, especially if you're not thrilled about spending hours in the kitchen. Fortunately, the South Shore offers a cornucopia of delightful dining options to help you savor the holiday without the hassle. 

When it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving, convenience is key. South Shore is home to a myriad of restaurants and catering services ready to serve up delicious Thanksgiving feasts. Here are a few local favorites:

Tosca-Hingham, MA

Tosca is offering everything you need to feed a party of 4 Thanksgiving dinner.  To place your order call 781.740.0080 by 11/18. Visit their website for additional information.


Alma Nove offers a full Thanksgiving dinner for 4. A la carte items can be ordered in addtion to the full meal.  Call Alma Nove at 781.749.3353 to reserve your meal. Visit the website to view the full menu.

Greenside Grille

Greenside Grille is offering Thanksgiving packages that serve 2-10 people.  In addition to a full Thanksgiving meal, customers can order a variety of items a la carte...including dessert! Curbside pick up  is Tuesday 11/21 and Wednesday 11/22.  Orders must be placed by Wednesday 11/15.  Call 781.749.1720 to place your order. 

Gerard Farm of Marshfield

Gerard Farm offers a variety of options to make your Thanksgiving easy.  They are currently taking orders in person or via phone. Call 781.834.7682 to place your order.  Visit the website for more information about Gerard Farm.

There are several Hingham grocery stores that will  prepare your Thanksgiving meal with proper notice.

The Fresh Market-The deadline for placing your order is 11/21/23

Whole Foods- Orders need to be placed by 11/21/23. 

The Fruit Center-Orders will be accepted through 11/17 at 10 AM.

 Thanksgiving is a busy time, so be sure to place your order well in advance to secure your preferred meal and delivery/pickup time. By taking advantage of these options, you can relish the holiday with loved ones without the stress of cooking. So, sit back, enjoy the South Shore's culinary expertise, and give thanks for a Thanksgiving to remember!

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