Hingham real estate market update November 15, 2022

I've got the Hingham Real Estate Market Update for the week of November 15th.

There are currently 38 listings on the market. Here is what's interesting though. 71% of those listings are over a million dollars.

We have 15 homes on the market between 1 million and 1.9 million, seven between 2 and 2.9 million, and five that are over 3 million dollars.

What does this mean? if you have a house that you're considering putting on the market anytime in the next couple of months, you may want to reconsider and put it on now. 

I'm reaching out to some of my clients who are waiting on their houses until next year that are priced under a million dollars. This might be a great opportunity for you to sell.


If you have any questions regarding your own specific real estate needs, please reach out.

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