Darleen's 2020 Stats

Thank you to the 64 of you who believed in me and trusted me?in 2020 with the biggest purchase and sales of your lives? I truly love my job and am so grateful that you chose me to work with you?Selling homes during a pandemic was definitely challenging? … When I wasn’t working I was at home with David and the kids and our days were filled with… 

Alex’s remote learning at Holy Cross ?
Matt doing lots of rowing in our garage ?‍♀️ 
David working from home with his new office buddy Sailor?

An abundance of Zoom calls, quarantine cooking?‍? lots of dancing in the kitchen to Alexa?, and many walks around the neighborhood sprinkled in with the ice cream stops to Nona’s?

As we pick up the pieces and move on may 2021 be filled with hope, happiness and good health  ❤️ 

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