Celebrating Community Spirit: The Cohasset Recreation Fair Showcases Health, Sustainability, and Local Charm

Welcome to an exciting event that's sure to captivate the Cohasset community! As a top-performing real estate agent deeply connected to the vibrant life of the South Shore, I'm thrilled to spotlight the Cohasset Recreation Community Fair. This enriching fair is an opportunity to mingle with fellow residents and experience the community's dynamic spirit on March 24th, from 1-4 pm at Deer Hill School.

Community health and wellness take center stage as health organizations return with an array of screenings. Vendors will be showcasing their wares at the indoor farmers market. The Used Sports Equipment Sale is a great opportunity to purchase some gently used sports equipment and support a local charity. All proceeds will go to support the Social Service League of Cohasset .
Stop by the 143 Exchange for gently used clothing and footwear. This organization is focused on reducing the community's carbon footprint by rehoming gently used items.
The fair is a great time to renew your All Facility Sticker. The sticker provides access to the transfer station and beaches for Cohasset residents. The Cohasset Recreation Community Fair isn't just an event; it's a celebration of our town's unity, health, and vibrancy. It's a mirror reflecting our commitment to nurturing a well-connected and flourishing community.

To dive deeper into the festivities and find out how you can be a part of it all, visit www.cohassetrec.com. Let's come together to make the Cohasset Recreation Community Fair a memorable day for our town!

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