8 GMAIL Hacks You Should Not Miss!

8 GMAIL Hacks You Should NOT Miss!

Using Gmail effectively is all about organization and taking advantage of the features this email platform provides. It can take some time to implement these hacks, but it is time well spent.  

  1. Schedule emails to be sent later - You can use Gmail's scheduling feature to set up emails to be sent at a later time. This is a great way to schedule emails to be sent out at a specific time without having to remember to do it.
  • Click the down arrow next to send
  • Choose 'schedule' send
  • Pick the date+time

2. Retract an email after you hit send- Have you ever sent an email before you were finished writing it? Sent it to the wrong person? This feature will help you "undo" your mistake.

  • Setting Icon (top right)
  • Settings>General
  • Toggle 'undo send'
  • Choose 30 seconds

Next time you send an email an 'undo' button will appear.

3.  Utilize the search bar - The search bar in Gmail is a great way to quickly find emails that you're looking for. You can search for emails by sender, subject, or keywords. Use the search bar to get rid of promotional emails

  • Login to gmail on a desktop or laptop
  • In the search bar, type unsubscribe and hit enter
  • Select all
  • Hit 'delete'

4. Send a confidential email. 

  •  Tap on the 'lock' symbol while sending a new email.

5. Use Offline- Gmail also provides the ability to write emails offline, so you can make use of its offline mode if you're not connected to the internet.

  • Settings
  • Click 'All Settings'
  • Select offline
  • Enable offline mail

6.  Delete LARGE attachments- Are large attachments clogging your inbox?  You can elimate them by utilizing the search bar!

  • Search: size:5242880 will list all big emails who size is 5 MB or greater
  • Size:10485760 will list email messages that are bigger than 10 MB
  • Select emails you no longer need 
  • Delete

7. Snooze an email- Snooze is a Gmail feature that helps you stay on top of your inbox by reminding you to follow up on emails you didn't initially have the time or bandwidth to respond to.

  • Click on the clock icon on the right
  • Choose how long you want to snooze the email
  • It'll appear back in your inbox on that date

8.  Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts - Gmail has a number of keyboard shortcuts that can make your emailing experience much faster and easier.

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