2024 Hingham’s Iconic 4th of July Road Race and Parade: A Must-See Event!

Hingham’s Iconic 4th of July 2024 Road Race and Parade: A Must-See Event!

Celebrating the 4th of July in Hingham: A Day of Pride and Patriotism-This Years Theme: We Love Our Parade

The 4th of July in Hingham is a highlight of the year, with the entire town coming together to celebrate with a day full of community spirit and national pride. From early morning to late afternoon, Main Street transforms into a hub of activity and excitement.

Start of the Day: The Road Race

At 7:00 AM, Main Street is lined with cheering spectators as runners embark on a 4.47-mile journey from the Middle School to Hingham Square. The race culminates downtown under a grand American flag, creating a truly memorable finish.

Parade Preparations and Viewing Spots

As the race concludes, residents start claiming their spots for the parade. The streets are festively decorated, with the town even painting the divider lines red, white, and blue along the parade route. From beach chairs to elaborate lawn parties at the elegant homes on lower Main Street, the whole community gathers to enjoy the festivities. For families with young children, a bag for collecting candy from parade floats is a must. Remember to bring sunscreen, hats, and plenty of water, as it can get quite hot. Brewed Awakenings and Atlantic Bagel are great stops for iced coffee and snacks.

Best Parade Viewing Locations

Opinions on the best viewing spots vary, but anywhere along the route—from the High School through Middle Street, Main Street, and ending at Station Street downtown—offers a great view. For parking, consider the library or town hall lots for viewing in Hingham Centre, and the town lot behind Tosca for downtown spots.

Day's Events Schedule:

Road Race:


Parade Route and Road Closures:

  • No Parking (6 AM - 3 PM):
    • North Street (Station Street to Main Street)
    • Station Street (near Hingham Sewer Dept. building)
    • Main Street (Square to Cold Corner)
    • Spring Street
    • School Street
    • Pleasant Street (Main Street to School Street)
    • Middle Street

Parade Route:

  • Starts at 10:00 AM near Hingham High School at Middle Street/Pleasant Street intersection
  • Heads north across Route 228, joining Main Street in Hingham Center
  • Follows Main Street to Hingham Square
  • Turns right onto North Street, finishing at Station Street around 11:15 AM

Celebrate the 4th of July in Hingham with community, joy, and patriotism as the town comes alive with its annual traditions.

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